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30 November 1979
i'm calvin. an inquiring mind, a technologist, a spelunker and a worm-mucker.

i like to learn. i like science and computers. i like reading, writing, poetry and such. i also like danger. rock climbing, mountain biking, dirt biking, snowboarding. i drive very fast. i have a degree in computer engineering and computer science. now i'm in law school. i love calvin and hobbes.

in the beginning there was nothing. then a bang. then a swirl of cosmic dust, clumps and bumps in the whirling density of stuff. shoomp - collapse and stars - whoomp - bursting supernovas and heavy elements - whoosh - clumping planets and fanning asteroids and sol. blub, blub, burbling primordial soup. a self-perpetuating pattern appears, membranes in the soup, lightning in the atmosphere. replication is success, multiplying, multiplying, the successful recipe spreads. lo, a happy accident in a far corner of the primitive world, a profitable chemistry realized. whip, whip primitive flagella, carbon-based critters moving. jellylike organisms differing more and more from seawater, taking shape, forming solid structures, cartilage, bones. whish, whish, primitive fish. crawling on land, growing stronger, reaching for plants that reach for the sun, carbon-based life reaches the scale of man. eventually you get me, one of billions. incredibly special and not. i am not a unique and beautiful snowflake.

I Want to
find true love, my true calling, and a better way.
make a fortune, and a name for myself.
have a passel of kids, and a hundredth birthday.
learn to ride a unicycle, to do the splits, to fly, to play the guitar, and to play the piano.
and bungee jump, be sketched in the wall street journal, and sail the carribbean.

I Have
jumped out of an airplane.
learned to juggle, to scuba dive, how computers work, to shoot, to ride a motorcycle, and to drive with a manual transmission.
gone to europe, completely bonkers, and to college (twice).

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